On-Site Training

Training is the key element needed to ensure that your system can meet and exceed today's modern high speed data requirements.  Training from individual equipment models to entire system concepts are provided in a classroom and hands on environment that is delivered on your own equipment.  Course Outlines and Class Content are all customizable to fit the exact needs of your staff as detailed in the actual Microwave Course Outline shown in the link.  We offer microwave radio courses for a particular model or excellent courses on basic or advanced microwave theory.  Courses on each type of telecommunications equipment can be requested.

You can not only customize the content of each course we offer but you can also control the cost and timeline of each course to fit your budgetary needs.  By bringing our instructor into your market, you can train multiple employees and divide their per person cost by the course maximum.  Courses are usually limited to 12 students.  You save, not only to your training budget but also in the fact that your students never have to leave their market so a critical problem can be met by one or more students as the course continues. 

Your trainees will receive "real world" training that can include all of the prerequisite training that others will not do and they can receive training on every technology affecting their system.  We can include DC power plants, site grounding, lightning protection, radio theory, antenna systems, path propagation theory, path alignment, and transmission line theory.  We can include Multiplexers, fiber optic basics, Span line theory, and any DSX or interface equipment affecting transmission quality.

Prerequisite training can prepare the very new technician for either more advanced training from Concho Valley or to satisfy those needs of the factory training center.  Typically, factory training requires that the student already possesses a "knowledge" of their own system, basic transmission theory,  and they also know how to operate and use all of the required test equipment required of the product.  We can provide all of these skills to help your new employees gain confidence as well as giving him the expertise to take advantage of more advanced training. 

Please contact our staff by phone or by email to get more information about our training program.

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