A well developed and properly scheduled Preventative Maintenance Routine can not only save budget dollars but can prevent uncessary outages and improve the long term performance of any system

  • We can provide the development of a routine maintenance schedule that will meet your needs and also provide proper interval timing depending on your present performance criteria.
  • We can provide maintenance assistance to your staff whenever they are tasked with  special projects and may be shorthanded.  We'll provide test equipment as required.
  • We can provide for the complete maintenance routines of your system.
  • We can provide on site training for your staff to include all transmission equipment.
  • We can provide maintenance routines that are designed to reduce outages of the network.

Just one equipment outage can cost more than the entire microwave maintenance plan for the year.  A microwave link on the mountain can take days just to reach during that blizzard and may render you system out of service for many days.  Smart routine maintenance done at the right time of year and with the right preparations will repay its cost many times over each year.  We can help.

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